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FEP Lined Reducing Ball Valves, Reducing Ball Valves

Tesco® Brand Two Piece lined Ball valve (Glandless Design). Full-Port, Class 150 ##

Our PFA / FEP / PVDF/PTFE/ PP lined Ball Valves manufactured using superior quality raw materials to meet quality standards set by BS, ASA and DIN. These ball valves are used in many industries like Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Food, Vacuum Service, Clean Liquids and Gases, Corrosive Liquids and Gases, Hazardous Liquids and Gases Viscous Liquids, Dry Materials, Processing

Locked in liner
FEP/PFA liner for this lined ball valve is locked into cast grooves, machined dovetails, slots and cast holes in the body, tail, and ball castings. This to prevent liner collapse or blow out in vacuum and high pressure applications in conjunction with high temperature.

ANSI B16.10 face-to-face
Having standard take out dimensions allows these valves to replace any standard ball valve. It also can replace most other types of valves if that valve does not meet operating requirements.

Ball Valve Actuator Operator Assured Performance, reliability and safety tesco Brand offers the most comprehensive fully Lined Valve range in PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF, PP or HDPE to provide Complete Solution to CPI and related industries for their Corrosion problems.



Technical Specifications


Construction type


Two Piece lined Ball valve (Glandless Design) FEP/PFA lined


Manufacturing (Design) Std.




Seat type




Size range


50 NB to 150 NB


Pressure rating


PN 10 (max)


Operating temperature range


-25° C to 200° C (depending on MOC)




Hand lever for sizes unto 150 NB,
Pneumatic / Electric actuator operation - optional.


Standard Material of Construction (MOC)










WCB/CF8/CF8M/Other special alloys


Lining thickness


FEP/PFA   3.5 to 4.0 mm


Features & Benefits
Unpigmented PFA liner
• PFA liner is "Locked-in" to body, ball, & stem
• Full port for unrestricted flow
• Rugged & versatile
• Anti-blowout stem
• Bi-directional laminar flow
• Live loading of gland packing
• Superior long-lasting shut-off
• Superior body joint technology
• Reliable for vacuum services
• Complete line of accessories


FEP Lined Reducing Ball Valves
Reducing Ball Valves
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